Welcome to the Infinite Banking Concept

Welcome to the Infinite Banking Concept

Enjoy a secure retirement without worrying about market fluctuations



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My wife and I attended the first Infinite Banking Concept course that was offered by McGuire Financial in January 2011. As soon as we understood the power of the concept we became privatized banking practitioners as soon as we were able. We are comfortable and confident that our financial futures and particularly the futures of our children and every generation thereafter, are very bright indeed. With discipline and patience, we will not have to worry about money for our retirement and all of the financial needs or our children will be taken care of. The ever-increasing tax-free generational wealth transfer, which is practiced by the wealthy every day, is one of my favorite attributes of this personal banking system.

I am an engineer by trade and an owner of three businesses. I served in the Canadian Air Force for 20 years. The Infinite Banking Concept captured my analytical mind, my entrepreneurial spirit, and my desire to serve others. I soon realized that it was my duty and my purpose to help others discover this powerful and life-changing banking process. That was what prompted me to join the McGuire Financial team and grow and develop with them to help spread a message that every Canadian needs to discover. When people do discover this concept and the light bulb goes on, the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment is incredible.

The Infinite Banking Concept and McGuire Financial have changed my life and have ensured the financial well-being of my family for generations to come. The legacy that my wife and I will leave behind is overwhelming and I am thankful every day that I was given the opportunity to discover Infinite Banking and to help others discover it too.

Best Regards      George Roth      January 15, 2013

Why McGuire

When I learned about the Powerful Infinite Banking Concept I knew I couldn’t rest until I was able to teach and educate my fellow Canadians on this amazing process. I chose McGuire Financial Group because of the core values and integrity. The focus on education and empowerment of our clients to make smart decisions with their hard earned money was a critical factor for me. I was also very excited about McGuire’s openness to new ideas and desire to have a company this is constantly improving for the benefit of all.

It has been an incredible Journey of momentous relationship building with a great group of people since I came aboard in late 2009. Now as a Senior Advisor I am even more excited about the tremendous impact we are creating in the financial lives of Canadians. Infinite Banking has completely transformed my life and my business. As a part of McGuire I get to live my passion spreading financial empowerment and making a massive difference in our client community. This ripple effect over time will be a lasting legacy I can impart on the world for generations and I owe it to the vision and drive of Team McGuire.

To our mutual success in life and in business,
Richard Canfield - January 7, 2013

What has being an advisor at McGuire done for me?

There are many of us out that are unfulfilled in their industry and definitely not happy with the people that come along with it. Thankfully that is not me.

I love my McGuire Team and I love what and where we are going!

Having joined the McGuire Infinite Banking Division in 2010 and surrounding myself with strong leadership and team mates that have accountable attitudes and a genuine desire to serve others rather than their pocket book is a rare find. As we all may know, there is a big difference in the way a person conducts themselves when motivated by money versus the motivation to serve others.

This year I am aiming for a 6 digit income - ext year 7. I have no doubt in my mind that I can do that here at McGuire, as I know I have the right mindset, right team, and the right mission to accomplish this. Before McGuire I never thought I would be aiming for those kinds of numbers and now it's just seems totally attainable.

As McGuire is a growing company it has given me an opportunity to contribute in a way that allows me to feel a great sense of accomplishment in being able to be a part of shaping what and how we put ourselves out there as a team and in creating a community of individuals that feel truly empowered about their finances.

Like I said "I love my McGuire Team and I love what and where we are going!"

Winnie Lau - Trusted Consultant - Infinite Banking Concept of Canada


In 2008, I left a Senior Leadership role with one of the world's largest technology companies to hit the ground running with McGuire Financial. At that time, it was already a succeeding small business. That was appealing to me because instinctively, I recognized a growth opportunity. Since coming aboard, I've been working alongside our CEO, learning a lot about the financial services industry, and about myself. I've also been able to leverage what I've learned from my past experiences and apply it within our business. I am very fortunate to positively impact Clients lives and to coach a talented Team of People. What I believe separates McGuire Financial from the rest of our industry is that we serve our Clients in ways that our competitors don't or cannot. In addition, we create momentum in our business. In fact, we're moving so fast in our business that we get to approach opportunities in an entrepreneurial way. I love that.

Fast forward to 2013. We operate in 5 provinces, offering a unique spectrum of financial solutions to the Canadian marketplace. The lessons we've learned and the challenges we've overcome in our company over the past few years have prepared us for the journey we're on right now. It is the Team that I share this journey with who consistently reminds me of why I am so passionate about driving our business forward every day. What I tell People who are looking at joining McGuire Financial is that our foundation is grounded in integrity and the opportunity is tremendous. I am very excited about our future!

Best Regards, Jayson Lowe - January 2018