Welcome to the Infinite Banking Concept

Welcome to the Infinite Banking Concept

Enjoy a secure retirement without worrying about market fluctuations


McGuire Financial Infinite Banking Concept - Advisor Training Course

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McGuire Financial, the premier leader in Canada in implementing the Infinite Banking Concept, is now offering exclusive training for life-insurance agents.


We provide three levels of training that equip agents to successfully teach, design and support the Infinite Banking Concept.
Using The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) to Maximize Selling Opportunities


Customize and Build Solutions for Everyone
At the heart of every IBC solution is a Whole Life Policy. We’ll teach you how to turn every customer situation into a sale!
Imagine selling a Whole Life Policy to any parent or grandparent who wants to build a college savings fund for a child with a plan that is superior to a RESP.
Imagine selling a Whole Life Policy to every wage earner who wants to retire wealthy using a plan that is more flexible than an RRSP.
Imagine selling a Whole Life Policy to any client who has debt by showing them how they can recapture the money they are already spending with banks, credit card, and finance companies.
Imagine selling a Whole Life Policy by showing any client how they can put money back into their Infinite Bank and grow their wealth, simply by recapturing the car payments they are making anyway!

Get Ready to Sell

You’ll also learn:

  • How to use Web tools to generate valuable, pre-qualified leads.
  • How to make sales presentations while you sleep.
  • How to leverage the power of Social Media to market the IBC.
  • How to generate endless referrals from happy and satisfied clients.

You’ll go home ready to solve your clients’ problems and address their financial needs.

Our seven scenarios focus on the largest sales opportunities for the Infinite Banking Concept.

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Imagine being able to sell even more policies by showing clients how to:

  • Take over their mortgage
  • Finance their business
  • Create a legacy of family wealth

This Class Can Pay for Itself!
Selling just one Whole Life Policy could repay the cost of this class. Just one! Now imagine how many policies you could sell in the next year armed with this information.


Invest in Yourself and Make a 3,000% Return or Even More!
Could you use the information in this course to sell just one more $5,000 policy per week?
If so, that would be a 3,000% return on your investment. 
What if you could sell twice as many policies? Or if you could sell policies with a higher face value?
The rewards could be astronomical.