Welcome to the Infinite Banking Concept

Welcome to the Infinite Banking Concept

Enjoy a secure retirement without worrying about market fluctuations


McGuire Financial - Leaders in the Infinite Banking Concept

We’ve found that this concept and the kind of policy used to maximize it is not covered in the standard industry training programs taken by agents seeking licenses or designations. And we know that even most experienced advisors require a year of additional, specialized training in this concept to become truly proficient at it.

Unfortunately, most financial advisors and insurance agents “don’t know what they don’t know” about The Bankers' Secret - based on the Infinite Banking Concept. You may have heard the saying “A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing,” and in our experience, that’s often true in the case of the Infinite Banking Concept. If you don’t have a trained specialist helping you, it’s all too likely that you won’t reap all of the benefits outlined in the Infinite Banking Concept.

So Where Do You Find Expert Help?

To meet the growing demand from individuals, business and familes across Canada for a referral to a financial advisor who fully understands the ins and outs of The Bankers' Secret - based on the Infinite Banking Concept and can act as their guide, McGuire Financial Group developed the Authorized Advisor Program.

Much of the training focuses on how the advisor can coach clients through the years to become their own source of financing while maximizing their retirement income in the process.

Today, McGuire Financial is known for training several of Canada's leading Certified Infinite Banking Advisors. Each is a licensed financial advisor or life insurance agent who has undergone many hours of additional training on the technical aspects of the features that make these policies such a powerful financial tool.

All Advisors:

  • Have passed a certification test and demonstrated their competency with the concept
  • Take continuing education classes
  • Work under the guidance of an Infinite Banking Concept ® technical and policy-design specialist team that has collectively designed hundreds of policies
  • Work with some of the financially strongest life insurance groups in Canada, and know which companies have policies that meet all the requirements needed to maximize the power of the concept


The McGuire Financial Authorized Advisor training program is sponsored by a separate company that was chosen for its outstanding history and success in training advisors to help their clients reach their financial and personal goals through the use of life insurance products. Admission standards to be accepted into the program are high, and only one out of approximately every fifteen applicants is accepted.

Your next step is to request a free analysis and a referral to a McGuire Financial Authorized Advisor who can design a custom-tailored program to help you reach your goals.


If you wish to verify whether or not a financial advisor you already work with or who has told you about this concept is an Authorized Advisor, contact us and provide their full name and province.

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