Welcome to the Infinite Banking Concept

Welcome to the Infinite Banking Concept

Enjoy a secure retirement without worrying about market fluctuations


Success Stories


A couple years ago, I was living in a very stressful work situation and finally I had to leave. I began to realize when I found I had no long term disability that I couldn't even access the pension plans I thought were in place. And with moving from job to job to stay employed, I found, through patiently working with Glen Zacher, he was able to get to the bottom of all the various concerns. I realized that should anything happen to me, no one, specifically my daughters, and myself included I discovered, would have been able to easily get their hands on my resources. We're talking 2 banks, 2 different pension plan companies and a life insurance company to start with. This in itself was a long, frustrating experience. Glen patiently knew how to access this money, the forms to fill out, and the people to contact to take it from their hands to my hands. I had been set up many years before with a monthly amount going into RRSP's, but these had all been put into bank-decided upon mutual funds in something called, "A Diversified Portfolio". I had been following my money and keeping it in a self-designed spreadsheet, until 2008, when basically the bottom fell out, the bank statements came regularly and filled my mailbox up, but they didn't tell me anything... you know bottom line, did I make money this month or lose money? It got to the point where I didn't even open those letters because all I could see was my hard-earned money pouring away. And you probably know the brainwashing the big banks tell you, "don't sell when they're going down, cuz you will lose money". So, I was between a rock and a hard place. One of the first things I did was stop putting more good money after bad. Then with Glen's help, I disposed of my mutual funds. With Glen's direction and suggestions as my financial planner, I diversified my own money. This did not all happen over nite. First we had to get to know each other, he needed to know what was going on in my life, ie, work, home, family situation. How can he advise if he doesn't know what you need? Right? Glen gave me information to read up and aid in my decisions. He knew the different possibilities and set me up with some long term investments and some more easily accessible money as well as some monies providing me with monthly income. We redirected money from RRSP's invested into mutual funds into higher interest products and the TFSAs were actually invested into other areas where they actually do earn tax free income, and not just the 2% banks advertise. I had started to try to work with another FP, before I met Glen, but after less than a month, she had this great scheme and I should immediately put $100,000 into an out-of-province development project. Whoa! This was my retirement, my money, she was talking about, and it scared me to think of putting all my eggs in one basket, and it was very high risk. She didn't know me well enough to know I was much more conservative than that, and needed a lot more safety. I met with and got to know Glen for about 4 months before any money actually even changed hands. The thing is you have to keep in touch with your financial planner, if your life situation changes, as mine has several times in recent months, I should have been in closer touch with him to be able to keep current and make necessary changes. My first big test will be coming up very soon. Taxes? I don't know what the ramifications will be. I went to the weekend "Infinite Banking" seminar put on by Glen's company, and it made perfect sense to me. I could see the possibilities. Now, having sold all my mutual funds, and put everything under the same umbrella, I can get up to date info at the click of a keyboard, and no longer have to remember how much I have at which bank and when their due dates are etc. etc. Also, I found when working with Glen regularly, he knew more about my money than I did and could quickly sort things out and show me quickly and easily, where, how much and when my due dates were etc. He also made sure I did not lock up all my money, but keeping several options in place, I have money in readily available accounts at my fingertips. I had made a big loan to my daughter, and he told me of a way that I could have invested and the investment would have made the payment and I could have kept my principal, but that being so foreign to me, I made the mistake of doing things as I had always done them and cashed in the GIC. Bad move because I didn't take his advice. Working with Glen was a pleasant and confidence-building experience. Glen showed patience and I trust he helped me put my money into the same places he would put his own. Be patient, do your "due diligence" as is suggested and Glen will take care of your money like it was his own.


-Lila Carson



Great information delivered in a very easy to understand format. Definitely a great vehicle that we will be participating in. This information needs to be delivered to more of the people in the country.
Very exciting method of teaching children financial responsibility and for parents, grandparents etc to leave/create a lasting legacy for the future generations of the family.



-Dave McNamara



The knowledge I received in this Bootcamp was incredible! Learning about how all the investments were higher risk and how they were taxed in retirement was eye opening! More so, the information on life insurance was wonderful. It is amazing what you don’t know.
I have always known McGuire to be a wonderful group of advisors, but this course definitely separated them from all other financial and insurance advisors by showing how much they care for people in order to teach this Infinite Banking Course,


-Raeann Lefebure


We want to control our own money and becoming your own bank allows you the control to choose how you spend your money. It is really an unbelievable system that has so many options for life. It fives one the freedom to live, retire and enjoy life in a relaxed, secured way. Gives a chance to help family and friends as well, and leaves our family protected when we die. We will recommend this course and product to anyone who will listen. The course was incredible and has given us so much information and ideas to think about. It will take another month to work out what to do with our new knowledge.
Thank you.


-Brandy Swanson and Trevor Gibson



I feel like I’ve gotten a grip on financial life. You spend so much time wondering ‘how am I going to make it work for retirement?’ This course gives you a clear picture of what you can do and what options are open.
A plausible, easy to format and fund, achievable, comfortable path to retirement that won’t put you in the poorhouse now or when you are ready to retire, or give you grey hair thinking about it.
The risk and worry are taking out of the equation. Spend your time, energy and money on LIVIN’!
I feel like I have in my hands a solution or strategy I fully understand which will make my money work so I don’t have to.


-Amanda Roth



I really enjoyed learning all the information in the course. It opened my eyes to the potential possibilities of using whole life insurance as a guaranteed savings/lending vehicle. This is definitely a vehicle that I’m interested in using to my financial advantage. I believe the information taught in the course was clearly portrayed and I strongly believe spreading the information over several days helped me digest it accordingly.


-Joe Eldon



Sharon and myself have set up one small bank but it is not the last one we’ll do. The course opened our eyes and minds as to what not only could happen, but what is sure to happen – no gamble!! We don’t know exactly how we’ll do it, but where there’s a will there’s a way. It is an investment that will bring big dividends.


-Murray Klassen


The combined benefits of becoming your bank give the owner(s) the ability to drastically and powerfully shape his/her financial future in the way they want. Raging from the ability to teach people financial stewardship, loan yourself money on your terms and use leverage to achieve your goals faster, the benefits of using this type of policy outweigh those of all the other financial products available today, period. Simply put, everyone has to know about this, and every family has to be given the ability to create a multi-generational wealth strategy using these tools. This course was fantastic and I highly recommend that everyone come and learn about what options are available to you.


-Richard Brittain


This course has shown me that it isn’t as much important when you start, as it is to start. Just do it!!!
It will not only be something that you can do for yourself – but you can do this for your family, their families etc. True Infinite Banking.It allows and gives you flexibilities and peace of mind.It is a lot of information to take in in such a short period of time. I will be recommending it to my kids and others as well. Thanks for teaching us more about how our money can work either for someone else or for yourself – whatever you choose.


-Sharon Klassen



The information in this course is amazing! I can’t wait to sit down and restructure my financing to create my own Infinite Banking.


-Avril E. Squair



Makes too much sense to pass up. Definitely not a get rich quick scheme, just the best return on investment I’ve ever known. The presentation was clear and concise, open to questions when something was not understood, but not so ‘dumbed down’ that it was tedious and boring. High energy. A very exciting concept.


-Terra Caldwell



This was a fantastic course. Richard was a great host and surely knows his stuff. This program was very informative. There were many questions I had going into purchasing the whole life insurance, but Richard made sure we had all of the information. As I wrote my questions down they already had the answer coming! Thanks guys!


-Susan Baker


Getting older and starting to think of our future and whether or not we would be able to live comfortable after retirement had us concerned and worried. We were referred to Jayson Lowe with McGuire Financial, who helped us manage our finances and make them work for us. A year has passed and our life has not only been more financially stable, but has also been more open to opportunities for our future.


-Ryan and Lucy Chapman



It was an eye opening experience to be awakened to changing how I value my life. I believe I deserve to have the best and in order to get that “getting started”, I’m starting what I know “NOW” is the way to achieve that. The information, I wish I could have had back eighteen. But better “NOW” than NOT AT ALL!
So thank you for changing the way I think.


-Donna Richards


Thank you for teaching. The curve of learning was met with a lot of useful information I like the food and the friendly time. If there’s any point of improvement, it would be to stretch the program for one more day or to make a cut in the program, because I found that we went through the example very fast. Otherwise. I liked the idea about insurance business. I never looked at it like that.


-Said Chawly


The long-term advantage for the family.
The tax benefits.
The no hassle borrowing power.
The actual costs of mutual funds.


-Darwin Botting


This was a great refresher, really helped me update on the details. I also enjoyed the changing up of the speakers.
I noted that there was a lot of prefacing done this time – almost too much, but it did create a big hunger for knowledge among the group, although there was now a lot of confusion on the interest of the policy and how that makes them money at 7%.
The book is smaller but if we could go through it in more detail or remove unnecessary pages it would be cool.
Jayson, I really loved your story about your childhood.
One thing that I noticed is that the room’s state isn’t as high as it could be, and maybe if we had fewer, longer breaks.
Also, glasses need to be taller – more water.
But I loved the larger group and the beginning of including the class in the way you are.
The classroom setting is also pretty awesome.


-Carlos Yondiunas


1. Tax benefit – the overall benefit f having whole life insurance is compounding by tax benefits. This is something most people do not understand.
2. Educating your child – this two-day class has taught me opportunities to form a responsible adult by shaping their attitude towards money.



-Melanie Brochu-Macaulay


I’ve realised that it is possible to find the lifestyle I want, (travel, house, vacation, property) without working myself crazy all hours of the day or amassing huge amounts of debt in ‘traditional’ ways.
I got into overseas travel early and loved it, but thought I would have to work multiple jobs every year that I may be able to enjoy travel, just to fund it. The course has given me opportunity to see a new perspective and understand how to use it wisely. I am excited to get started to pay off different loans, fund my new company and of course enjoy travel vacations, knowing I have the ability to fund them. While I still can enjoy them, too!


-Melissa Roth


The value added and depth of understanding that results from the opportunity to attend a presentation is immeasurable. Real life examples and the chance for discussion bring a depth of knowledge and a confidence in the model that will ensure success as my family moves forward using the IBC approach to financial management and security.


-Margaret Palmer


I was surprised to discover that I was mistaken in some of my assumed knowledge about how finances work. I was also pleasantly surprised to have my mind opened up to some of the ways I can make my money work for me.


-Kerri Glendinnmiry


1. Following my cash with total control, along with
2. Setting up family for the future
3. Also getting as much as I can without getting raped by CRA and bank fees, charges and interest.
4. Having freedom to add funds to my account


-Grey Johnston


Great process! This was not available when I was younger to establish my financial security and future banking benefits to added value. Sure want to educate others on this INFINITE Banking Concept so they can learn and learn the benefits from future planning to help cover the demands of life’s challenges. I have always believed in the values, rules and laws of managing the financial process.
Thank you for your time and knowledge.


-Mary Quennell


The concept of interest volume. Also the fundamental shift in thinking required to be your own bank. I did not know or understand anything about whole life insurance. Very good weekend.


-Mark Borstymayer


Without proper and effective financial planning, it’s amazing to look back and realize how much of a person’s hard earned income has been effectively used to purchase vehicles, borrow from banks etc. Infinite Banking Concept helps you, the earner, the controller, manage where you put your invested money, with a full life plan for your personal life insurance. Now at 41 years old I fully wanna get on board to secure my future.
Thank you for this opportunity.


-Craig Pritchard


How you use the system to borrow against.
How your money grows.


-Phebe Steward


Enjoyed the course very much – AGAIN!
Cleared up some leftover questioned and enjoyed a different group dynamic.


-Mark Borstmayer


I would like to thank McGuire Financial for sharing their full understanding of the Infinite Banking System and allowing my family to start a financial wealth system that will work, and be there when I need it.


-Wade Newsham


Until today, I really know nothing about insurance policies. I really wish I knew about all of this sooner for the benefit of my entire family. I can think of a while bunch of ways that we could have already used this system.
Better late than never!!
Thanks again!


-Bridget Borstmayer


The fact that the Infinite Banking Concept would allow me to tax shelter much of the financial gains made through this process.


-Ron Rilling


- That being your own banker is completely possible for anyone, and that making a lot of money and securing for yourself and your family is an attainable goal.
- Also, I discovered how bad banks really rip you off!


-Cameron Grant


Had no knowledge of the way banks use your money and how interest rates/volumes impact your money prior to Boot Camp.
That background further enforced the advantages of the Infinite Banking Concept.


-Dave McNamara


It was great to get a better understanding about how to take a loan from your bank, the repayment and how you go about it, all while your money in your bank continues to increase in cash value and in death benefit.
I’m excited to get started and feel much less stressed about our future.


-Amy Rempp


How to use your own money for life events and life insurance and retirement funding.


-Ron Abma


The whole concept is new. Also interesting that it is detached from market.


-Tyler Dyck


I went from ‘dragged alone’ to genuine interest and will be doing research.
Thank you!


-Jan Thompson


I really never knew this was possible and am still trying to get my head around a different way of thinking about money/banking/debt.


-Lyle Waterman


I learned that I don’t need to waste money paying interest to the banks and financial institutions.


-Michael Buck


Finally a financial tool that eliminates risky investing, puts total control in your hands and allows you to create intergenerational wealth. I’m so happy I attended the Boot Camp and have learned so much. Everyone should attend this Boot Camp. It should be a course requisite for Life 101. Can’t wait to get started!
Thank you!


-Jeff Schneider


- Ways we could use this for our family, kids and grandkids.
- A way for our money to grow with less risk


-Joanne V


I have two policies, one for each child (21/2 and 8 months). I’ve discovered this is a blessing in that it’s an answer that is concrete to deliver a system to my children that will provide them with what they need in life. This system removes any mystery that they would otherwise need to decide, or stumble upon, and eliminates any trials or tribulations in finding a vehicle to give them such a gift and – more importantly – financial freedom for themselves And their children for generations to come. I realize at this point in time that I need to create MORE banking systems and expand the two that I have currently developed for my children. I am thankful that I’ve encountered this at 35 in order to maximize my results with my remaining time her. Thanks for the education!!


-Adam Balogh


- What I can do with a whole life policy that I have already.
- Intergenerational concepts
- Approached for teaching my children about the management of and investment of money.
- How and why to start making decisions to benefit and what you really want to accomplish.
- It filled in a lot of concepts I knew something about already – ‘filling in the holes in my Swiss cheese’.


-Peter Johnston


Debt recovery
Car payments fiasco


-Janice Thomas


The understanding that I can fulfil my plan of creating intergeneration wealth by using Infinite Banking.


-Marilyn French


Why is this concept – a really simple change in the way you look at finance and so easily set into motion – so well hidden among the population?!


-Barby Randy


The thing that shocked me most about this program was where my money is really going. I never realized just how much money was going where. This definitely changed my life as a home business owner and mother of three. This program has set me up with the information I need to make more informed decisions about finances and how to set things up for my family and kids.


-Candace von Stryland


How easy it is to get started and how versatile the banking system can be.
The multiple ways you can use the system to fund your life and your future.
Discovering the versatility of insurance in general!


-Kane Keternchak


A banking system that I did not know, or at least did not understand, existed! I was blown away by the financial freedom this system could offer me. Although some of the details seem complex, the basic idea is actually quite simple and relatively easy to understand with discussion and instruction.


-Melissa Gee


The McGuire team did a great job of simplifying a concept that could have been complicated. It totally shifted my thinking o how to finance my mortgages and car loans as well as help my children with their major purchases. This is a mechanism that protects my hard-earned money and lets me use it as well as pass it on to my children – have my cake and eat it too!
My biggest discovery is about paid up additions and over-funding to ‘turbo-charge’ the bank.


-Linda Ramussen


Learning about volume and velocity.
Case studies.


-Alexander Fernandes


That I can create intergenerational wealth for families, without putting them at risk.


-Keith Davis


- I was able to find out more about the IB Concept.
- I learned how to utilize my money properly so the banks don’t get my money to perpetuate the problem with traditional bank, and looking forward helping the solution.
- I want to set up my personal banking system so that I can help myself and my family so we all can keep our money in the family and never have to put money into the traditional banking system to make sure we have a legacy.
- Open up as big a policy a possible t protect ourselves for our future. It’s a great vehicle to make sure I have a lot of money in the future.
- I now want to teach others.
- I will use this knowledge and leverage to empower my life.


-Svein Sjoen


I learned more about the truth of how the system of banking, insurance and how Infinite Banking works and also learned a lot of new positive based knowledge. I consider myself very opened to new ideas and this teaching has opened it even more about finances and having a happier life.


-Johnathon Corcoran


The case studies of the family having banks for the daughter and the mom and dad.
I was so doable!
I wish I knew this in my 30s!


-Pat Olson


The infinite possibilities of creating a bank by using government plans such as RRSP etc. I also loved the point that age does not matter; it all depends on how much you put into the bank. All the unlimited opportunities of being a banker can actually create.


-Samuel Castellanos


This course was fantastic! This has opened my eyes to so many options that can be used with your own banking system.
I plan on letting the rest of my family and friends know how we can all do this.
Of course, I will direct anyone who wants to know about this to McGuire.
This has helped me to create a family banking system plan.
Thank you McGuire Financial!


-Melany Newsham


I liked the M1, M2 and M3 stages.


-Johan Castellanos


The Boot Camp taught me that I have options and options that I can control. When it comes to long-term retirement savings, Infinite Banking allows you to save for the future and control your cash.


-Tory Bachmann


Clarification of paid up additions and the dividend options was very useful.
Also total cash value and how the amount must equal the death benefit at age 100 and how this affects your cash value over time was very informative and clear.


-Kane Katernchak