Dr. Robert (Bob) Murphy - Guest Speaker

The Bankers' Secret Conference

2015 - The Bankers' Secret Super Conference - May 2, 2015 The McGuire Financial Team will be hosting a 6 hr action pack conference on the

Guest Speaker: Dr Robert (Bob) Murphy

"In May 2015 I participated at a McGuire Super Conference, presenting to the attendees my perspective on the economic situation and the role that the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) could play in protecting their financial positions. I was very impressed by the McGuire team's organizational skills, and their emphasis on education. The McGuire team enthusiastically explain the legacy of Nelson Nash, and they are quite open that his IBC rests on the use of dividend-paying whole life policies. If anyone wants to be introduced to the ideas of Nelson Nash, he or she will definitely learn a lot at a McGuire event."

Location:  Holiday Inn - 4485 Gateway Blvd NW Edmonton, AB T6H 5C3

This Seminar is for the General Public. If you are a Life Insurance Agent or Financial Advisor please contact us for Advisor Seminar Dates.